A Love that Mends and Heals


Look hard into every seat
Listen deep to hear each beat
Feel the warmth of breath in air
Sweeter fragrance has its share
Hear that whisper soft and low
See that face with smile to show
It looks much like day before
Words still touch the inner core –
Long as love is deep and real
Broken heart will mend and heal

Joepsc has left this at my comment counter on the last post that I put up on “empty chairs filled with memories”. I am no poet. I cut and paste this for my mothers’ day post. The poem talks much of my mother. From the warmth of home to the walk into time and eternity and to love that mends and heals – it’s mother, mother, still mother, it brings so much tears to my eyes.

Thanks Joepsc, for the words.

Happy Parents’ Day!


13 Responses to “A Love that Mends and Heals”

  1. constance Says:

    Thanks for the wishes. Have a good one too, Yan.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You made me wanna cry too Yan.

    I love the way your words always touches my heart.

    A Blessed Mother’s Day to you.

    My kids have been whispering and grouping together quietly in their rooms these past few days… and askiung me for papers and colour pencils and crayons… I wonder.. hmmm…

  3. JoMel Says:

    Oops.. That was Moi! 🙂

  4. Yan Says:


    Going to have a good one. It’s the day when mothers speak loud!

    The church is going to honoured parents tomorrow. But, it’s not exciting – I have some over 10 towels from the Church. The good thing is it’s not that “good morning” towel.
    🙂 Hope it’s not another one tomorrow. Keep you all posted.

  5. Yan Says:


    Chris gave me a card at 5:30 pm. It’s written –

    To my beautiful mum

    From handsome Ker Liang (his Chinese name)

    Can only open after 12 midnight.

    Oop! he gets me very curious what’s written inside! So, will stay up until midnight to open!

    Also keep you all posted!

  6. 湘绣蜻蜓 Says:

    Happy mother’s day!! 😉

  7. dobbs Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Yan – I am sure you will have a wonderful day *hugs*

  8. bp Says:

    This is lovely! And Chris is so sweet! Be surprised, pleasantly surprised! Have a blessed Mother’s Day, Yan, with Chris and Rachel… and thanks for yet another reminder of God’s faithfulness in our lives =)

  9. Lling Says:

    HappY Mother’s DaY!!!!

  10. sarawakiana Says:

    I still have time left to wish you Happy Mother’s Day on your lovely blog….there is always some thing so refreshing and rewarding when I visit your blog.

    Happy Mother’s Day thoughts : May the day be happy, may all the days of a mother be happy, may a mother be a happy mother alwyas, may all days be mother’s day, because she fills it with her 24 hours….may each day be filled with God’s blessings for mothers to love and be loved, to be happy..and allow people to be happy with her, for her….

    May all these be yours!

  11. Yan Says:


    Hope you have a great time with your loved ones.

    It’s very sweet of you to drop by to wish me Happy Mothers’ Day!

  12. Yan Says:


    Indeed, pleasantly surprised by naughty Chris, a strikethrough You are annoying!

    I finally got to make the world’s best pizza on mothers’ day.

    Hope you have a great time.

  13. Yan Says:


    Thanks – I feel honoured to be praised by an English guru!
    It’s Mothers’ Day, you put me on “high”.

    Thanks – for the nice words about mothers.

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