Beyond Mothers’ Day

Chris gave me a card yesterday morning. I could only open it after midnight as instructed on the envelope.

At the Cinderella’s strike of the midnight clock, I opened the envelope, believe me, I really did wait until 12 midnight! This is teaching children to take instruction (smile).

The card reads –

There are 5,63,545,626 people in the world …

and the inlay of the card is here –


The Chinese words are –
Mum, you are really nice to me!
Now I have nothing to repay you..
I can only say three words … you are annoying I love you!

Probably, the highlight is the strikethrough word “you are annoying”, and it’s really how he feels when mum nags!

Rachel said her result for her exam now would be her gift for me on Mothers’ Day in an IOU!

The face towel is the church’s way of appreciating parents.

It really does not take much to make a mother happy. Right, Mothers?

Now, what would a mother do to her mother? I seldom write (or have I ever?) of my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law is a very “private” person. She is one of those modern women. She uses computer. She sends emails. She reads website. I think she is not aware that I keep a blog! She is widely-travelled. She is a qualified accountant. She speaks excellent American English. She plays piano. She writes perfect English with no grammatical error. She is a great cook!

You know, I feel very inadequate in front of her. She is just a no-nonsense woman!

I cooked this meal – pizza, Cheesy chicken and rice casserole and mushroom soup, for lunch for the family and a carnation for MIL –


Typical of a practical woman and in a typical grandmother fashion of not letting any opportunity slip by when they can teach grandchildren, she said to Chris, “You do not give flower to your mother. I give you this carnation for you to give to your mother.”

Read the story of a woman who did something very meaningful on Mothers’ Day. The deed is very noble. However, the way that the story was written probably did not do justice to the woman. I have not been able to get another version of the story. Did she do that “to show his 10-year-old son how donation were made? Now, the story, as it is reported –

Amid this apparent slowness, one Singaporean woman’s spontaneous generosity stood out.

She turned up at Red Cross House in Penang Lane just before noon yesterday and donated $100,000 in cash.

The woman, who appeared to be in her 40s, asked how she could help the Myanmar victims. Then, from her handbag, she handed over a wad of $1,000 notes, totalling $50,000, which was tied together with a rubber band.

Even as Red Cross volunteers were thanking her, she took out another wad and said: ‘Here’s another $50,000.’

She told volunteers she wished to remain anonymous and did not need a receipt.

She told The Sunday Times in Mandarin: ‘I felt so much pity for the victims of the cyclone. Whenever a disaster happens, I will do my part and make a donation.’

She had her 10-year-old son with her to ‘show him how donations are made’.

Read the whole story here or here.

Before Chris gives me another strikethrough of “you are annoying“, I better end on a “High” (this I have learnt from SAHM), here is what my friend CY has left on my comment –

Happy Mother’s Day thoughts : May the day be happy, may all the days of a mother be happy, may a mother be a happy mother always, may all days be mother’s day, because she fills it with her 24 hours….may each day be filled with God’s blessings for mothers to love and be loved, to be happy..and allow people to be happy with her, for her….

May all these be yours!

Yes, may all these be yours too, all friends who are mothers!


A Love that Mends and Heals


Look hard into every seat
Listen deep to hear each beat
Feel the warmth of breath in air
Sweeter fragrance has its share
Hear that whisper soft and low
See that face with smile to show
It looks much like day before
Words still touch the inner core –
Long as love is deep and real
Broken heart will mend and heal

Joepsc has left this at my comment counter on the last post that I put up on “empty chairs filled with memories”. I am no poet. I cut and paste this for my mothers’ day post. The poem talks much of my mother. From the warmth of home to the walk into time and eternity and to love that mends and heals – it’s mother, mother, still mother, it brings so much tears to my eyes.

Thanks Joepsc, for the words.

Happy Parents’ Day!

Laughter, just laughters

It was a busy weekend and starting of the week. Church meetings. Journalists’ meetings. lunches and dinner, travelling and meetings.

It was busy for Chris too. It was the annual Shell Traffic Games competition. Last year, the Managing Director of Shell Sarawak started his speech with, “Saya anak Sibu!” The students cheered! I did not get to be involved in the opening or closing. So, I did not how has my friend, the MD made the crowd happy.

But, Chris, being one of the team members of his school’s contingent in the Traffic Games, has taught me how to enjoy the laughters of children. Last year, he was a “Simpanan”, this year, still a “Simpanan” participating in the interactive games. That really does not reduce him of the joy.

Have you really listened to the laughters of children? They are completely over it. It was explosion of laughters. It just comes bubbling out.

A polite chuckle

Explosion of laughter

It comes bubbling out

Sometimes, we forget to enjoy children. We tend to focus in providing them with education, preparing dinner, getting their projects done in time, and forget to revel in the healing power of our children’s laughters. I am guilty of that. I am glad I have captured those moments and these pictures –

What luxury
the laughter
of children,
the champagne
of sounds
the glasses
of those nearby,
their noses.
(author unknown)

The new arrival


Woan Shin is my niece (brother’s daughter). She is 20 years younger than me. I remember bringing her around when she was a little girl. She was also my “model” during my days when photography was my passion. Yes, many had mistaken that Woan Shin was my daughter. Why not? A 20 something girl can be a mother!

I have many other nieces and nephews, but Woan Shin is especially dear to me! She grew up to be a very loving and good-nature girl, taking care of her family and building up her career. My sister-in-law (Woan Shin’s mum) always says she is like “gu-gu” – too career-minded. When Woan Shin married two years ago, I related to a good friend that it was like my other daughter getting married. Two days ago, my sister-in-law got a promotion – she is now a proud grandmother. My sweet little niece is now a mother! I do feel like I am a “grandma” too!


Welcome to our family – Connie Wong Ker Yee!

Gentleman serving Ladies


Chris looked very tired in one of the mornings last week. When asked, he said, “It’s all women’s fault. Who ask me to be the only man at home.”

The night before, it was near 11 pm when Rachel stormed into my room. There was a cockroach in her room! I had retired to bed while Chris had just finished his homework. So, the gentleman obliged and started the cockroach hunt.

Is Chris not afraid of cockroach?

“Yes, I am. But, daddy not at home, I am the only man at home. Who else will hunt and kill the cockroach?”

So, it was past midnight when the gentleman did another chore of his daddy’s – mopping the floor of the adjoining room to my bedroom. It was daddy’s habit to mop the floor every night. Chris has been faithfully performing duty for mummy, the other woman, when daddy is not at home.

“You could have mopped the floor earlier.”

“But grandma said she could not log on to the internet earlier. I have to fix it. But the actual fact is she did not switch on the modem.”

Yay! I have the Ritz-Carlton’s culture at home – ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen. (Read it here. Don’t miss it!)

You are like your articles

Reading newspaper

It was parents’ day for two children’s school last Saturday. Parents’ Day means all parents will go to the school to take the report cards of their children. The parents and teachers have a chance to communicate.

After the session with the teachers, I also had a session with my children. After listening to what mummy had to say, Rachel said, “You are like your articles. You have to describe, elaborate and end with a thought, not straight to the point.”

Ending with a thought today –

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
– Frank Outlaw

Before I was a mum

BackToBasic tagged me on “Before I became a mummy” earlier. I thought, that’s a big project to do! I admit, it’s difficult to put in words. During my hideaway days, I re-organized my photo albums and spent some very good times seeing those photographs of Rachel and Chris. So, it’s a picture journey of some of the feelings before I was a mum.

Before I was a mom. I watched. I waited. I anticipated.


The day came. And the journey began. There were many unknowns…

I did not know that children also have blue days.


There are days when they feel lousy, grumpy, lonely, and utterly exhausted.


On blue days they can become paranoid that everyone is out to get them. They feel frustrated and anxious. They are about to burst into tears at any moment.


Right at the next moment, they can be wild and happy.


They can rejoice over simple things like a delicious, happy sniffs and scrumptious snacks!


Their worlds are full of amazing discoveries and learnings for them.


I had never known my feelings of warmth, joy, love, heartache and wonderment swing with the children!


And I did not know that I was capable of feeling so much before I was a mum!