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See you there.

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On Second Thoughts

Believe me, this is the most difficult post to write. I have been typing, deleting, typing, deleting… and I am still here!

I have been thinking of stopping blogging altogether. Because I am running on empty.

Yesterday, I have my first batch of printed materials out for my church’s 40 Days of Purpose Campaign out. I am quite amazed by the result –


I have the blog setup and updated now and then –

Wesley 40DOP

I have also updated the Jubilee Celebrations blog at Wesley Golden Jubilee.

How could I have done all these when I am actually running on empty?

It’s the presence of the Lord, loved ones, friends and even friends in blogging world…

So, I am here now, after I am on a

On Second Thoughts…..

Yes, on second thoughts, why don’t I just let myself run on empty at the other “home” and close this temporarily? Meet you there! Fill my tank, please!

The Missing Shoe Dance

I have been busy with Church Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

I am also experiencing what they call “writer’s block”.

In the meantime, please enjoy this very very nice video of children from our Children’s Home that thrilled our some 1200 guests last night at our Thanksgiving Dinner. The youngest of the children missed one shoe while dancing. Note he picked up his shoe at the end of the dance. By popular request, the children performed the dance again at the end of the dinner. The little boy took off his shoes this time, by the end of the dance, he even had his socks missing!

The missing shoes!

The socks missing!

Now the show – the first performance!

I shall be back soon!

Yet another Perspective – The Heights and Depths of Life

A long-time friend in the medical profession writes –

Been out of touch for a while. Thought I better send you an idea of my recent 2 legged “distractions”.

(He sent me a link to his photography works on oriental birds, I think a hundred of them)

Most around me feel it must be part of a mid-life crisis, dreaming to achieve what one did not in ones’ youth. However, my thrust is that splashing out a few thousand on a camera and lens is not the equivalent of getting Ferarri or Porche, and more creative.

Hope you like the results.

Yes, I like the results. Here is one –


Yesterday, as I viewed the magnificent works of this long-time friend, it brings me to new understanding of the Scriptures. The Scriptures mention two types of birds in particular.

Swallows are one of them. During my teen years I lived in Sarikei. There are many swallows in the town. Every evening I could see them darting about. Now in Sibu, the town where I live now, there are also swallows. Swallows are the swiftest of birds. They exemplify restless activity. Are we not like the swallows sometimes? We are restless, we are forever on the move. But, the Psalmist says, even the swallow can find in God a home, a place to build a nest and to raise the young, a place of purpose and fulfillment.

“Come unto me, all who labour and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Matthew 11:28-29)

Looking at the peace shown in the birds through the lens or eyes of my friend, whether resting or soaring high, I know these are not mere words. It is not just beautiful language for stir our emotions. These are words designed for life.

“Your father knows that you have needs of all these things. Do you think he is unable to supply them to you? If he can feed the birds of the air and cloth the lilies of the field do you think he cannot find some way to meet your need as well?” (Matthew 6:26-28)

Life is difficult because we refuse to believe that our Father can supply what we need!

Even the sparrow finds a home
And the swallow a nest for herself
Where she may lay her young
At thy altars, O Lord of hosts,
My king and my God.
Blessed are those who dwell in thy house
Ever singing thy praise! (Psalm 84:3-4)

The sparrow is another bird mentioned in the Scriptures. The sparrow is always regarded as a symbol of insignificance. However, the Lord Jesus spoke to his disciples referred to the sparrows –

“Not one of them will fall to the ground without your father’s will.” (Matthew 10:29), he further said, “you are of more value than many sparrows.” (Matthew 10:31).

He also said, “Are not five sparrows sold in the market-place for a farthing (the smallest value of money)” (Luke 12:6).

The Psalmist says that even the insignificant sparrows finds in God a home, a place of warmth and security, a place where life is fulfilled and overflows. How many times our Lord bypasses the proud, the haughty, the powerful and chooses some insignificant individual and uses him to accomplish his purposes. We are never to feel how insignificant we are. You will find through God a wonderful sense of purpose, if you go to Him.

I salute my friend who is very successful in his profession finding time to look at the beauty of God’s creation through the lens. Being a photographer at my tender years, I can understand the long wait to capture a scene. I have never been able to capture a satisfactory photograph of birds. My friend has reached the heights of his profession, and now the depths of his life.

The song writer has said:

Heaven above is softer blue,
Earth around is sweeter green,
Something lives in every hue,
Christless eyes have never seen.
Birds with gladder songs o’ver flow
Flowers with deeper beauties shine
Since I know as now I know
I am His and He is mine.

(This is a recycled post with some modifications following my heart now. I will be away for a week, and may not be able to update the blog. Leaving some thoughts here. As my darling daughter said, I am like my article.)

The making of a journalist?

I left a comment at the tent that I read while on my cross-trainer. Today, I am very delighted to read this once-upon-a-time doc in my small town Sibu thought “reading while on a cross trainer” made a good journalist. Not kit-kat and Astro (for the benefit of non-Malaysians, Astro is the paid TV channel here).

I not only read when I cross-trained, I also think of all the good things in life. Remember the song “All kinds of everything” – those are all the good things that I think of, plus one more – blogging. Today, just before sunset, as I exercised on my cross-trainer, I had my camera strapped over my neck. And I took this picture, that’s how you read on a cross-trainer – a large print bible! You can’t read the small print book. Only a large print bible.

The Bible, the sunset, it’s really heavenly though you are working on a cross-trainer

Or I could scan through the newspaper if I am exercising in the morning.


Now, I am looking into eternity from my cross-trainer over my front garden. You have seen the other corners of my garden. I have kept the front part of it for future blogging. Now, the moment of truth!

Why eternity? The huge building is a theological school, at the other side is Children’s Home kindergarten and at the back further in is my Church!

Now, I might as well let you see what other machines I have in my open-space gymn –

For the steps

For the muscles

For walking and also reading, notice the reading light?

The book corner where we stock some books for easy pick-up, books can be read when you walk

Isn’t it heavenly?