Mother, mother, still mother…

I went to SingLand over the weekend for a conference. I boarded 1:25 pm flight from Changi airport to Kuching. It was 1:15 hours’ flying time. I touched down Kuching International Airport at 2:45 pm. My connecting flight back to Sibu is 9:00 pm.

My best friend, Sandra picked me from the airport. Read her story here.

I had the warmth of mother from Sandra’s mother. For a while when Sandra’s mother hugged me, I thought I had my mother in my arms. And I cried, unashamedly. As I wrote this post now, I still had tears in my eyes.

This is the poem written earlier with much help from Joe, it’s a recycled post. But, I just could not have enough of my mother. Indulge me …

I know you’ve found a place,
much better than where,
we lived as family in warm embrace –
so why is my heart still bleeding to care?

I know you’ve found new friends there,
whose company you gladly share,
like those days when we stood for each other –
so why do I still yearn for you hither?

I know happy memories should suffice,
and I’ve them aplenty,
of moments you touched me deeply –
so why for more do I still crave and insist?

I know you lived a good life of seventy-three,
as a mother and teacher you nurtured me,
you were my clutch to trudge over difficulties –
so am I selfish to wish you live seventy-four or more?

I know you still love me – deep and tender,
but deeper and tenderer is my love for you, my mother,
I wish I had said it many times over when I should –
tell me mother, it’s not too late – show me how I could.

I missed the time with my own children, Rachel and Chris, for MAS re-timed its flight to depart Kuching at 10:30 pm. By the time, I reached home, it was almost near to another day. The children gave me a card which read –

The dearest gifts that heaven holds.
The very finest, too.
Were made into one pattern
That was perfect, sweet, and true.
I love you, Mom


3 Responses to “Mother, mother, still mother…”

  1. patchwork Says:

    my best friend, God’s knows your heart. You care thus He cares to the little details to let you feel the warmth of your mum from my mum. Yes, my eyes were wet with tears too. It’s God sent.

  2. Yan Says:

    Thanks, patchwork, for that heavenly touch of mum’s love.


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