Sharing a Warm Heart This Christmas

Received this very beautiful poem from an inspiring and true person whom I met in a conference in Penang over the weekend. I have not asked permission whether I could put it up in my blog. I guess he won’t mind.

This, I shall leave here until probably Christmas when I will be back. I am not in the low – I am just busy and not able to write from my heart and my soul! But, I wish to share a warm heart with you all this Christmas!

Heart & Soul Writing

Ultimately it is what I write,
in my heart
in my spirit and my soul
in the fabric of my being,
that counts.

There I am not limited by words or paper,
no need to explain to others or myself.
Ideas, concepts, realities can be expressed or written
in many dimensions
or dimensionless.

In the fabric of my being
reality grows and changes and enlarges.
It is here that I hear aright –
an ever clearer, purer note
of truth
and love
and trust
and hope.

Heart and soul writing times
are essential for my survival and life.

From: Poems of the Heart – Struggles in the Upper Room
by Amar-Singh HSS, 2002


I Believe (3)

Today, we correspond through emails more than any other medium.

Tell me when was the last time you felt the touch of paper? When was the last time you receive a card? When was the last time you feel the touch of a photograph?

That’s the beauty of modernization and technology.

It could also be a regretful testimony of the effects of technology. I remorse that penmenship might be a dying art soon.

But, I received a ‘thank-you’ card from some dear friends after the forum, Your Health Matters. It was just a card, signed by many people. But, that early Everly morn, my heart leapt with joy.

There is just something to the feel of the paper and the careful construction of deeply etched cursive letters.

I believe –

True Friendship grows even with the longest distance!

I Believe (2)


One thing I enjoy being journalist is the many opportunities to listen to stories. And that’s not all! You can ask the why, the how, the where, the who, the what … with not much reservations, and your curiosities are often satisfied.

When you sit down to write the story, it’s again a different experience. I love this quote by DeNeen L. Brown of The Washington Post –

“When I sit down to write a story, I want people to see the story, I want people to feel what I feel, hear what I hear, taste what I taste, smell what I smell.”

Many stories were reported on Your Health Matters, a public health forum held in Sibu. There were some mixed-up of the doctors in pictures in some media, yet, that does not affect the beauty of the stories.

Here is one beautiful story I wrote many years ago –



從前有一顆樹, 它愛一個小男孩…….


每天這個小男孩必會到樹下, 采它的果實, 以樹枝打秋千,或從它的樹干滑下去,或拾起其落葉編織成皇冠裝扮成森林國王. 樹很快樂.

小男孩漸漸長大, 來的次數少了, 所要求的卻多了. 樹將它僅有的果子, 樹枝及樹滿足小男孩的需求, 直到它只剩下一個樹椿.

當小男孩到老年時, 再來到樹旁, 樹說它已經一無所有, 小男孩說他已經沒有要求, 只是累了. 樹說– – –

來, 坐在我的樹椿上歇息吧!


這個故事不但我女兒百听不厭, 我也百讀不厭, 故事平凡, 惟它牽動人心弦的不外乎, 不外乎情.

女兒喜歡將故事中的樹以母親, 父親, 爺爺, 奶奶甚至所認識的人取代之. 每次都能以她有限的文字編出很溫馨的故事.

現代人因被競爭追逐, 一切都要爭先, 爭新, 爭奇; 只能得, 不能失; 只能取, 不能舍; 只能成, 不能敗; 只能進, 不能退; 只能強, 不能弱. 總之, 樣樣爭第一, 不能第二.

有人說, 人一生都在追証書. 出世時追出生証書, 然后是一連串的証書, 如畢業証書, 婚姻証書, 專業証書, 到最后還需一份死亡証書.

在這追逐中再也無暇顧及周圍的人和事, 盡管多美好的事都不能引起他們的注意.

女兒天天陪我一起閱報, 我告訴她當天的要聞, 她也時常將她所聞告訴外婆. 有一天, 我媽媽責問我為什麼告訴女兒這麼多不幸的事情, 我才惊覺我沒選擇性的灌輸, 己使她小腦袋中裝了不少人間慘事.

生活里, 其實有許多感人的故事 – – 屬于你的, 我的, 他的, 父母子女之間的, 親戚朋友之間的, 夫妻之間的, 兄弟姐妹之間的, 甚至素不相識的人之間的. 只要以真, 以情描述的故事必能引起別人真心深處的共鳴.

您願意試試以您周圍的人來代表這顆樹講述出同樣牽動心弦的故事嗎? 讓彼此共享生命的愛與關懷, 讓社會減少一些冷漠與無情吧?

On her fourth birthday, I gave my daughter Rachel a book, The Giving Tree by shel Silverstein.

The beautiful story of a tree and a boy begins ….

Once there was a tree and she loved a little boy. And everyday the boy would come and he would gather her leaves and make them into crowns and play king of the forest.

He would climb up her trunk and swing from her branches and eat apples. And they would play hide-and-go-seek.

And when he was tired, he would sleep in her shade. And the boy loved the tree very much. And the tree was happy.

But time went by. And the boy grew older. And the tree was often alone.

Then one day the boy came to the tree and the tree said, “Come, Boy, come and climb up my trunk and swing from my branches and eat apples and play in my shade and be happy.”

“I am too big to climb and play,” said the boy.

“I want to buy things and have fun. I want some money. Can you give me some money?”

“I’m sorry,” said the tree, “but I have no money, I have only leaves and applies. ?Take my apples, Boy, and sell them in the city. Then you will have money and you will be happy.”

And so the boy climbed up the tree and gathered her applies and carried them away.

And the tree was happy.

But the boy stayed away for a long time …. and the tree was sad. And then one day the boy came back and the tree shook with joy and she said, …..

The beautiful story continues … until the Boy took all the tree can offer for him to have money.

And after a long time the boy came back again. “I am sorry, Boy,” said the tree, “but I have nothing left to give you – my apples are gone, my branches are gone, you cannot swing on them, my trunk is gone, you cannot climb… I am sorry, I wish that I could give you something… but I have nothing left. I am just an old stump. I am sorry….”

“Well,” said the tree, straightening herself up as much as she could, “well, an old stump is good for sitting and resting. Come, Boy, sit down. Sit down and rest.”

And the boy did.

And the tree was happy.

That’s a very beautiful story. When Rachel was four, she loved to substitute the tree with persons she know. She would begin the story like this – Once there was a mother .. and she loved a little girl….

With her limited words, she would always tell very heartwarming stories…

It has been a four days of beautiful stories of doctors, friends and journalists. I know each and every one of us have bagged many stories in their memories. I have many, some can be shared, some just are just too touching that my limited words would not justify the re-telling of the stories.

But I know heaven is rejoicing with one beautiful story …..

Keep on telling stories …..

I believe –

that my best friends and I can do anything or nothing and still have the best time!

I Believe (1)

I have four “F” days from 2nd November to 5th November in Sibu.

“F” as in Food, Fellowship, Fun, Friendship that leads to Fullness of Life, Faith in our God, Faith in ourselves and Faith in others around us.

I have learnt a new way to describe a woman – A Woman of Faith. Faith in her God. Faith in herself. Faith in others around her.

In organizing the event, Your Health Matters, a health forum conducted in English in Sibu, the President of Federation of Sarawak Journalists Associations, Mr Raymond Tan described me as such a woman.

I know I am far from it. But, I am available to work towards that great “F”. Because I Believe.

I do not report on these events. Much have been reported in the local media by my colleagues. But, here are some side stories that I have collected and carefully packed and treasured in my memories.

The first one, the Big Faith – I Believe.

The text that follows is a story that I have written many years ago when I co-wrote a daily column with some local writers. We called that column, “Fullness of Life”. Indeed, over the years that the column existed, many heartwarming stories were shared. Few of the writers have collected their articles and published into books. I have not. If your system does not support Chinese characters, I am sorry. But, you would not miss anything because I shall briefly touch on the story in English later. If you, like me, enjoy Chinese Language, join me –




一個貧窮善良的姑娘很幸運被一間珠寶行彔用. 一家生活因此得以保障. 在一個寒冬的晚上, 店里來了一個衣衫襤褸的男子. 這善良的姑娘很想過去安慰他, 但因為有其他顧客叫她, 她不能抽身.

在她收起貨時, 有一盤裝有六枚精美的戒指滾落在地上, 她到處找遍只找回五枚.

正當她十分擔憂時, 一眼看到那個男子正往外走.

她叫道: “先生 . . . . .

干什麼? 他面無表情的轉過身來問到.

這姑娘一時不知說什麼好. 忽然她想起她母親告訴過她許多人都是善良的.


先生, 如今找一份工作很難, 是不是?“

那男子盯著她看了幾秒, 臉上露出了笑容, “是的, 不過相信你會做得更好. 我可以祝福你嗎?“

他伸手來與她握了手, 開了店門大步的跨出漸漸的消失在寒風中.

姑娘久久望著他的背影, 將手中的第六枚戒指放回盤內.


她與同事一行數十人去國外參加一個會議, 她被安排與一個在別的分行工作的同事同住一房.

當天, 她們一起去銀行, 我朋友提了一些現金出來. 然后她們一起回酒店, 她進了一次洗手間, 后來大家又一起出去, 走出了房間才發覺小錢包不在手提袋. 于是, 她叫朋友先去接待處等她,她回房去拿, 回房找不到小錢包, 就認定是她同房的同事 . 她到了接待處, 當著其他同事面前說: “打開你的手提包, 我的錢包在里面.“


可是, 不能再與這位同事同房, 別人也不愿與這位同事同房, 一路上這位同事只孤零零一個人.

我想這是否太直接了? 若是當時錢包不在她手提袋呢? 這會毀了這同事的前途嗎?

若能轉個彎, 請朋友去另一地方私下詢問, 是否能大家都旅途愉快? 或者使這位同事有機會改過?



This is a story of “I Believe”. A story was told of a young lady after much searching finally found a job in a jewellery shop. The job gave her much security in supporting her poor family. On a cold winter night, she received a customer, clearly in distress financially. The young lady had wanted to go forward to greet him. But, she was caught in attending to other customers.

As she was putting back the jewelleries, she dropped a tray holding six fine rings. She could only find five rings.

She was in distress. She saw the man walking out of the shop. She called, “Sir..”.

The man turned back with no expression on his face, “What’s the matter?”

The young lady did not know what to say. Suddenly, she remembered her mother told her that many people were actually kind and true.

She said, “Sir, it’s very difficult to find a job now, right?”

The man stared at her for a few seconds, smiled and said, “Yes, however, I believe you can do better. Can I bless you?”

He stretched his hand and hold hers, opened the shop door and disappeared in the cold winter night.

The young lady looked as he disappeared, and put the sixth ring back to the tray…

Incidentally, on the first day of the forum, we (the doctors and the journalists) also experienced the same kind of strong belief that the workers of a local café had on us.

Shortly after the courtesy call on the Mayor of the town, we had a media briefing at a local café called, Manna Café located in the same building.

After the media briefing, we left without settling the bill. The workers did not stop us. They smiled to walk us out, I remember clearly because I was very impressed. When one of the doctors (our guest) went back to collect his file that he left behind, he was also not being asked to settle the bill.

It was during a conversation later in the evening that I suddenly realized that I did not settle the bill before I left. I called up the President and asked whether he settled the bill. He did not either. I practically ran back to the café immediately. My heart was then with the young workers, would they have been in distress? A thousand questions ran through my mind in that ten minutes.

At the café, I was greeted by the smiling staff. I was curious as to whether they were scared, they said, “No, we believe you will come back to pay.”

My heart was warmed over and over again that evening.

I believe-
that your life can be changed in a matter of minutes by people who don’t even know you.

The staff of Manna Café changed my life that day.

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One of the Best Ever

I had one of the best birthdays ever.

Rachel (my 16-year-old daughter) baked a Chocolate Cheese Cake. It is one of the best cheese cake I have ever tried before.

Chris (my 11-year-old son) made a birthday card for “The Greatest Mum in the World”. It is one of the best card I have ever seen.

Significant other travelled back from Manchester just in time for our traditional ‘mee-sua’, chicken soup and egg birthday dinner. He bought me a pants and a shirt from UK, two sizes bigger, but that still warms my heart. There is significant improvement. Remember, many years ago, it was four sizes bigger.

Even mum in law has a present for me.

Birthday, birthday, birthday. What’s really special about birthday? I never had a birthday celebration until I was 18 or so.

I have nine siblings – having a birthday for each one of us would mean nine celebrations in a year. I guess it was the reason that parents never celebrate our birthdays. But, I remember my mother could remember the birthdays of each and everyone of us.

When my mother went back to the Lord on the day of her birthday six years ago in 2000, I thought birthdays could be a sad and painful day. Thereafter, I spent my own birthdays remembering my mother.

When the first birthday wish arrived my mailbox just few minutes into 7th November from mGf which ended with ‘You are a great person”, I responded,

Being called a ‘great person’ on one’s birthday is something not easy to come by! Thank you for that great birthday complements.

I think my mum is a great woman. My birthday is always spent with remembering my mother, the woman whom I could never be like. Besides some of the inherited traits of character and resemblance, I could never be like her. Unfortunately, I do not inherit much of hers. I took most of the not-so-good traits of my parents – making me quite a ‘monster’!

So, birthday is really about remembering our mothers. Here is a poem which I have written and with much help from Joe, I think it’s appropriate for the greatest person in the world – now smiling in heaven –

I know you’ve found a place,
much better than where,
we lived as family in warm embrace –
so why is my heart still bleeding to care?

I know you’ve found new friends there,
whose company you gladly share,
like those days when we stood for each other –
so why do I still yearn for you hither?

I know happy memories should suffice,
and I’ve have them aplenty,
of moments you touched me deeply –
so why for more do I still crave and insist?

I know you lived a good life of seventy-three,
as a mother and teacher you nurtured me,
you were my clutch to trudge over difficulties –
so am I selfish to wish you live seventy-four or more?

I know you still love me – deep and tender,
but deeper and tenderer is my love for you, my mother,
I wish I had said it many times over when I should –
tell me mother, it’s not too late – show me how I could.

I have many to thank, besides my mother, –

Rachel, thanks for the cake. When I was 16, I did not know how to bake a cake! You are just wonderful!

Christopher, thanks for the card. I had never made one card for my great mother, your grandmother. You are just great!

My significant other, thanks for the over-sized shirt and pants. Yes, there are still room for improvements to fill up the spaces!

mGf, thanks for calling me ‘great’. I am far from the ‘greatness’. But, I know, I have been a ‘great friend’ to you because you are a ‘great friend’ to me. When two ‘great people’ meet, we can drive through the highways and byways of life with confidence and hope. We’ll never walk alone. I have experienced that hedge of protection around us that early morn!

Bkworm, thanks for the blessings. You know, I have drawn much from your blog – your words have always lifted me up.

Desi, thanks for never failing to be there – as a friend. Honeslty, sometimes I do not quite understand your “words in tongue” – yet I know the words are to edify or perhaps to entertain.

Dobbs, the doc who amazes me a lot of her knowledge in almost everything, have learnt much from you! Thanks for always being there – happiness, joys, sorrows, uncertainties, fears – you always have the right words to say.

Yasser, my young friend, I even have much to learn from you! Thanks for reading my blog often!

Prodigal’s son – thanks for the wisdom shared in your blog!


It’s My Birthday Today!

It’s over. I mean the medical forum in Sibu headed by me. It has been a wonderful time which I called – an orchestra of surgeons, paediatrician, physician and journalists., playing harmonious and heartwarming music for the English speaking group in Sibu.

They are Just Friends. And I know, many journalists, like me, have enjoyed the company of the four doctors here for three days. We have been updated with Lifewise knowledge while they sing health matters!

This poem, I do not know who is author, speaks truth to me.

My dear readers, Into Each Life, for sharing –

Into each life a little rain will fall,
but if you have a friend,
you can bear it all,
for a friend is an umbrella,
to hold above your head,
and help you think about,
the sunny days instead.

Into each life a little sun
will shine, but if you have
a friend, it will always
be fine, for if you can
share the sunny times,
with a friend that will
be grand, as you talk and
walk together, securely
hand in hand.

Into each life a little wind
will blow, but if you have
a friend, to whom you
can go, your friend can help
to guide you, can help you
make the choice, by offering
their view, and adding
a new voice.

Into each life like leaves
things will fall,
but if you have a friend,
you know that you can call,
they’ll always steer you clearly,
when their counsel’s sought,
for a friend is like a safety net,
in which you will be caught.

Into each life a friend will
come to you, for if you have
a friend, you’ll know what
to do, when a problem
shows itself, for a friend
is there to share, to offer
an opinion, and show that
someone cares.

Into my life my friend came
as you, for I know I have
a friend, to share experiences
old or new, in the rain, sun,
wind or fall, who is loving,
loyal and most true, that
sees my best qualities, and
knows I am their friend too.

In closing for today, yes, it’s my birthday today.