On Second Thoughts

Believe me, this is the most difficult post to write. I have been typing, deleting, typing, deleting… and I am still here!

I have been thinking of stopping blogging altogether. Because I am running on empty.

Yesterday, I have my first batch of printed materials out for my church’s 40 Days of Purpose Campaign out. I am quite amazed by the result –


I have the blog setup and updated now and then –

Wesley 40DOP

I have also updated the Jubilee Celebrations blog at Wesley Golden Jubilee.

How could I have done all these when I am actually running on empty?

It’s the presence of the Lord, loved ones, friends and even friends in blogging world…

So, I am here now, after I am on a

On Second Thoughts…..

Yes, on second thoughts, why don’t I just let myself run on empty at the other “home” and close this temporarily? Meet you there! Fill my tank, please!


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  1. bp Says:

    Temporarily closed only, OK?… till you’re recharged. Praying for the joy of the Lord to be your strength, and I know you have lots on your plate. Take care now, and hope you squeeze in some time to rest this weekend. *Hugs* for you, my friend!

  2. Yan Says:


    So, you missed my Second Thoughts 🙂 Still blogging, on second thought.

    Log on to yanonsecondthought.blogspot.com

    I learnt it again from SAHM, but I am running on empty at the second thoughts believing that there is always something bloggable!

    Closing here temporarily also because of the “book project”, remember?

    Take care. You are really, really a caring friend.

    BTW, my wounded knee and left foot healed fast. I think I left a comment at JoMel’s that I had a good fall in Kuching last week.

  3. 湘绣蜻蜓 Says:

    uhh… I am going to miss you 😦
    Closing for temporarily only, rite?
    Do take good care.

  4. bp Says:

    O dear, didn’t know about your Kuching fall! Get completely well soon! Have bookmarked your new site and will be catching you there as and when I can! Let us know how your book project goes, that’s so exciting!

    You’re a great multitasker, and I have no doubt, you are doing excellent work in all your endeavours and areas of ministry on top of your job. But do take five now and then to recharge, OK?

  5. JOEPSC Says:

    Hi, Yan,

    I run on empty ever so often… I know how you feel. Emptiness to me is not total nothingness, it’s just empty of more positive feelings.. therein lie many colder and gloomier thoughts and emotions waiting for some warmth, and in time will prove to be just as inspirational.

    Glad you have a ‘second home’ appropriately named ‘second thought’… will visit for more inspiration. Take good care!

  6. sarawakiana Says:

    Running on Empty? No God is filling up the Space with his presence because you are his beloved.

    The story of the fishes and loaves – God’s miracle. Not yet an empty tank.

    the story of the widow with a little oil, a little flour …not yet an empty tank.

    The Girl in Sichuan singing her song until someone heard her and rescue her from the rubbles – God was with her – not yet an empty tank.

    I was once too running on empty. The fridge was empty, the house was empty, my soul was empty, my life was empty. And then i saw the coconuts on my four trees behind my house. God has been providing me with good food. I did not kinow it.

    These four trees have been gifts from God for the last twenty years – I use them to remind me ever so often. Steadfast, free of charge, goodness, never fail, season after season, generation after generation. I bless the previous owner of the house who planted them, but God is behind everything.

    Let’s go and plant more coconuts….and more “spiritual coconuts”….

    Your brain will never be empty.

  7. constance Says:

    i’ll miss reading your posts for your sure. even though if you blog only once a month, i’ll still come back. it’s like when a friend leaves or migrates to another country, you get a little of that empty feeling. i feel that about the blogger community feeling. i hope you will still write. 😛 but good luck in what you are doing, too.

  8. Gestalten Says:

    Gestalten says : I absolutely agree with this !

  9. Dishonorable Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Dishonorable

  10. wmc40dop Says:


    I would not like to call you this way, but this is the name you left!

    Thanks for dropping by.

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