Empty Chairs filled with Memories

empty chairs

Again at the airport. I have lost count of the number of times I was at this airport as early as 6 am waiting to board the 7 am fight for the past three weeks. I was there again yesterday. It was a little different. Normally, it was hazy outside. But, I caught the rays of sunshine reflecting beautifully on these empty chairs. No, I did not look at them just as empty chairs.

Having just used the LCCT in Kuala Lumpur, it means there are many chairs for passengers to sit comfortably!

Having just sent off former pastors and missionaries making a homecoming to our Church golden Jubilee celebrations, it means these chairs have been warmed by our friends and visitors and left many warm memories! It also means those who have seated themselves there have enriched our lives in a way or another…

The ray of sunshine tells that they will be back one day to fill up the chairs, warm the chairs and leave more memories for us!

The days without blogging (huh, finally a confession that it has been a long silence here) are never the days of emptiness. You, it’s you – bp, dobbs, IML, JoMel, SAHM, justme. joepscand many more) have filled me almost to the brim!

I have the privilege to interview the first pastor of our Church, Rev David MacDonald seven years ago. Rev David MacDonald and his wife, Audrey came back again this time. That night, as we sang “Blest be the tie that binds…”, we were all in tears. Audrey said, with Rev David standing beside, “Can we take you home?”

Rev & Mrs MacDonald & Phyllis

Can we take you home? These words have filled much of my mind and I know they will stay in my mind for a long time, just like these words that Rev David MacDonald said seven years ago,

When I left Sarawak I left part of myself here
and took part of you with me.
For that I thank God.”

The chairs are empty, but God fills the spaces with love, memories, warmth and He promises more!


10 Responses to “Empty Chairs filled with Memories”

  1. SAHM Says:

    Pls dont stop writing… I am back with a secret diary. Found it yet??

  2. JoMel Says:

    Yes, please don’t stop writing. I find strength through little little things like these.

    I showed Kelly your photo, cos’ she asked me who was the auntie who sent her the book. 🙂

  3. Yan Says:


    Thanks for dropping by. You are a great encourager!

  4. Yan Says:


    Yes, found your other secret place! Thanks for coming back.

    Indeed have been thinking of stopping blogging. But, how can I leave so many friends all at one time?

    So, I am here to stay!

  5. Yan Says:


    I am touched and honoured that I could give that little “lift” in your lives!

    You know, I literally see you “grow”. I am glad to be a part of your growth, though I do not contribute any.

    God Bless you and yours. He will give you strength when you are weak. Hold on that promise.

  6. JOEPSC Says:

    Look hard into every seat
    Listen deep to hear each beat
    Feel the warmth of breath in air
    Sweeter fragrance has its share
    Hear that whisper soft and low
    See that face with smile to show
    It looks much like day before
    Words still touch the inner core –
    Long as love is deep and real
    Broken heart will mend and heal

    Hi, Yan,

    Best wishes for Mother’s Day.. oops! is it over? If so, please accept my apology!

  7. Yan Says:


    You always have the right words at the right place!

    Thank you for making my post better!

    No, mothers’ day is not over. It’s this Sunday, two days from now.

  8. bp Says:

    Hugs for you, Yn! Your posts always have a way of uplifting me, and reminding me not to take God’s love for granted. Keep blogging, and I’m here! Only sometimes not so up-to-date reading your posts, but when I get the chance, I’m always catching up on what I’ve missed out! =)

  9. Yan Says:


    hugs you back! I love your faraway friends write-up for mothers’ day!

    I shall write – at my pace, probably. Been quite tied down with work and church activities. The Jubilee Celebration is over. But, I have a souvenir magazine to complete in relations to the Jubilee. And, the 40Days of Purpose Campaign…

    We also have to get ready for the darling daughter to “fly” after her “O” Level.

    But our good Lord always provides… I claim on that promises.

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