Beyond Mothers’ Day

Chris gave me a card yesterday morning. I could only open it after midnight as instructed on the envelope.

At the Cinderella’s strike of the midnight clock, I opened the envelope, believe me, I really did wait until 12 midnight! This is teaching children to take instruction (smile).

The card reads –

There are 5,63,545,626 people in the world …

and the inlay of the card is here –


The Chinese words are –
Mum, you are really nice to me!
Now I have nothing to repay you..
I can only say three words … you are annoying I love you!

Probably, the highlight is the strikethrough word “you are annoying”, and it’s really how he feels when mum nags!

Rachel said her result for her exam now would be her gift for me on Mothers’ Day in an IOU!

The face towel is the church’s way of appreciating parents.

It really does not take much to make a mother happy. Right, Mothers?

Now, what would a mother do to her mother? I seldom write (or have I ever?) of my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law is a very “private” person. She is one of those modern women. She uses computer. She sends emails. She reads website. I think she is not aware that I keep a blog! She is widely-travelled. She is a qualified accountant. She speaks excellent American English. She plays piano. She writes perfect English with no grammatical error. She is a great cook!

You know, I feel very inadequate in front of her. She is just a no-nonsense woman!

I cooked this meal – pizza, Cheesy chicken and rice casserole and mushroom soup, for lunch for the family and a carnation for MIL –


Typical of a practical woman and in a typical grandmother fashion of not letting any opportunity slip by when they can teach grandchildren, she said to Chris, “You do not give flower to your mother. I give you this carnation for you to give to your mother.”

Read the story of a woman who did something very meaningful on Mothers’ Day. The deed is very noble. However, the way that the story was written probably did not do justice to the woman. I have not been able to get another version of the story. Did she do that “to show his 10-year-old son how donation were made? Now, the story, as it is reported –

Amid this apparent slowness, one Singaporean woman’s spontaneous generosity stood out.

She turned up at Red Cross House in Penang Lane just before noon yesterday and donated $100,000 in cash.

The woman, who appeared to be in her 40s, asked how she could help the Myanmar victims. Then, from her handbag, she handed over a wad of $1,000 notes, totalling $50,000, which was tied together with a rubber band.

Even as Red Cross volunteers were thanking her, she took out another wad and said: ‘Here’s another $50,000.’

She told volunteers she wished to remain anonymous and did not need a receipt.

She told The Sunday Times in Mandarin: ‘I felt so much pity for the victims of the cyclone. Whenever a disaster happens, I will do my part and make a donation.’

She had her 10-year-old son with her to ‘show him how donations are made’.

Read the whole story here or here.

Before Chris gives me another strikethrough of “you are annoying“, I better end on a “High” (this I have learnt from SAHM), here is what my friend CY has left on my comment –

Happy Mother’s Day thoughts : May the day be happy, may all the days of a mother be happy, may a mother be a happy mother always, may all days be mother’s day, because she fills it with her 24 hours….may each day be filled with God’s blessings for mothers to love and be loved, to be happy..and allow people to be happy with her, for her….

May all these be yours!

Yes, may all these be yours too, all friends who are mothers!


16 Responses to “Beyond Mothers’ Day”

  1. Philip Hii Says:

    Hi Yan, thank you very much for reading my blog and also adding me to your list. I noticed that you have written hundreds of articles here since 2005. This is indeed very highly commendable efforts. Keep it up as I am going to be another of your regular reader.

  2. Yan Says:

    Thanks, Philip!

    Just curious, I know you. Or rather, I know Elizabeth more than I know you. I think you know me too 🙂

    Catch up one day at your “Garden” cafe with other journalists?

  3. SAHM Says:

    A happy mother’s day to you too! I too better watch my nagging or I may get a strikethrough too!

  4. Bengbeng Says:

    Yan, happy mother’s day!

  5. Yan Says:


    Oh, no, not another strikethrough 🙂 Don’t join my club. The word “annoying” is from the horses’ mouth. I have not been able to get the correct word from his Chinese “ne hao fan”! ANNOYING, I think I am – most of the times!

  6. Yan Says:


    That’s a mysterious smile!

  7. Yan Says:


    Hope you have a great time. Church celebrate “parents’ day:, right? So, you have your share of the day!

    Happy Parents’ Day.

  8. just me Says:

    Belated mother’s day greetings!

    The day after mother’s day, I showed very tough love to daughter..sigh

  9. doc Says:

    probably the greatest tribute a child could pay to his/her mother is to pass on the legacy of love & compassion to the next generation.

    chris did a good job with his own tribute.

  10. Yan Says:

    just me,

    I am sure you have your reason for “tough love”. Still, it’s love. Don’t sigh…

  11. Yan Says:


    Feel so glad and also assured when you share the same thoughts.

  12. bp Says:

    Hehe, I like Chris’ sense of humour! And that’s so sweet of you to give that special, must-be-v-yummy homemade treat to your MIL!

    Agree, it doesn’t take much to make a mother happy! And it’s always heartfelt gestures, handmade touches, and when our kids speak from their heart — that brings the biggest smiles to our faces, yes?

    Thanks for ending this post on a high, and here’ also wishing you a wonderful parenting journey! God bless!

  13. Philip Hii Says:

    Haha, we should know each other and probably you know Elizabeth better since you all came from the same town. I sold off that cafe already but still go there sometimes. Why not…we can have a gathering there since it is very convenient. How about a gathering of Sibu Bloggers at a later date?

  14. Yan Says:


    Chris is just full of humours. He is in the drama club of the school. He participated in the choral speaking competition…

    Hey, now moving on to the Second Thoughts. See you there!

  15. Yan Says:


    So, that’s you, Philip Hii, that is! Regards to Elizabeth!

    Sibu bloggers? You organize, I attend! And probably one for the newspapers? Oh, oh.

    Now on second thought – meet you there! Read the last post and be linked there.

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