The Missing Shoe Dance

I have been busy with Church Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

I am also experiencing what they call “writer’s block”.

In the meantime, please enjoy this very very nice video of children from our Children’s Home that thrilled our some 1200 guests last night at our Thanksgiving Dinner. The youngest of the children missed one shoe while dancing. Note he picked up his shoe at the end of the dance. By popular request, the children performed the dance again at the end of the dinner. The little boy took off his shoes this time, by the end of the dance, he even had his socks missing!

The missing shoes!

The socks missing!

Now the show – the first performance!

I shall be back soon!


4 Responses to “The Missing Shoe Dance”

  1. SAHM Says:

    Well, he was professional enough to continue despite losing the shoe halfway! Kudos to him!!
    I will be waiting for you to come back!!

  2. JOEPSC Says:

    Hi, Yan,

    Have a good rest; you need that more than anyone else!
    Thanks for your valuable support.. you have been most kind.

  3. bp Says:

    Haha, missing shoes and socks, encore, and yes, v pro indeed of him to perform as per normal the 1st time round!

    You must have worked v hard on this project/celebrations! Do catch a breath when you can, and catch you later!

  4. sarawakiana Says:

    A resounding well done to all of you who worked until 5 a.m. (I heard!!)

    And the little boy stole my heart. Did you see his final kick in the encore? A real trouper!!

    We will remember this and more and hopefully for many years to come.

    thank you again to all from the OC to the little boy!!

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