Listen and Silent

Rachel (right) and friend, Elspeth

I enjoyed a “plugged in” conversation of Rachel and her friend Daniel last night. Rachel goes to Daniel’s house once a week for tuition with other classmates. Sometimes, the group of friends make cookies or practice their choir songs at Daniel’s house. Mother is mother- someone who always wants to know what exactly is going on. Rachel assured mum that “nothing is going to happen between her and Daniel”.

Last night, I drove Daniel back home after their tuition at a new teacher’s place. It was quite a long journey. Just coming out from a meeting, I was too tired to say anything. I did not talk to Daniel, neither did I talk to Rachel.

In my silence, I really enjoyed their conversation. They talked superficial things, yet still very heartwarming. They talked little things, yet to me it seemed so profound.

After I dropped off Daniel, Rachel said, “Treating Daniel like a girlfriend, talking of anything is really good. Don’t you think he is a person who is easy to make friend with, mummy?”

I saw a different 17-year-old last night when I was silent.

I picked up from the Text Twist game on my palm that “Listen” and “silent” have the same letters. Perhaps that’s the clue that when you are silent, you are better able to listen!

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7 Responses to “Listen and Silent”

  1. bp Says:

    Didn’t realise that “listen” and “silent” have the same letters! I can learn to be silent and listen more.

    That’s nice that Rachel and her friend Daniel are such good friends. And that’s a lovely picture of her and another must-be-good friend!

  2. JoMel Says:

    wow… that’s really something.. I too did not realise they have the same letters! Amazing. Thanks for that Yan.

    sweet 17… ah I remember those days.. 🙂

  3. James Wong Says:

    Me too! How come I never thought of that?! Thanks Yan!

  4. Yan Says:

    bp, just got Rachel’s friend name right – Elspeth is the other sweet girl.

  5. Yan Says:


    Ha, ha, I was 17 a looooong time ago, I always say that!

    Thanks for the delicious comfort food recipe shared now and then – simple, yummy and always very homely!

  6. Yan Says:


    Play Text Twist – then you will be amazed by many words that have the same letters. Connect these words, and give it some thoughts. And don’t forget to tell the whole world of your discoveries – why not, blogging is telling the whole world of our discoveries!

  7. 杨善 Says:

    When i was 17, all school pretty girl smile in my dream whole night. Ha!Ha!

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