A Reading Holiday?

library hotel
Library Hotel

Rachel gave me a list of books on Sunday night to buy from KL where I would be on Monday! I did not have time to shop. MPH is just located in the same building of my hotel. After dropping my bag, before I went for meeting, I dropped by giving the list to one of the sweet little girls in the shop. She was nice to say she would find the books for me while I went to renew my MPH card. When I came back ten or twenty minutes later, I searched store-wide, but could not find the sweet little girl. I was told she went out for lunch and would not return until an hour’s later.

I would not think I would be able to come back again before the shop closed. But, she got my list!

It was a disappointment to Rachel last night.

I remember when she started to read and when we were on holiday, she would lock herself up in the bathroom and enjoy reading the books in the bathtub with bubbles around! I thought that was a luxury!

I found something even more luxurious recently!

How about checking into this New York’s Library Hotel? It would be heaven! Stumbled into this site, and had enjoyed the pictures and description of the hotel.

It’s a 50-room boutique hotel. Each of its room is furnished with a selection of books related to the theme. For example, you could check into a room themed “Literature” and you can choose a range of books on literature…

Check it out at http://www.libraryhotel.com and be amazed!


20 Responses to “A Reading Holiday?”

  1. JoMel Says:

    Yan, that is such a beautiful corner!! I love those roses, that shade of pink is exactly what I wanted for my reception and so I have copied that photo you posted up there and sent it to my wedding organiser so she can source for those pink roses… 😉

  2. 湘绣蜻蜓 Says:

    I think the ‘sweet’ little girl shouldn’t promise you if she was going out for lunch.
    Poor Rachel, she must be disappointed.

  3. constance Says:

    oh dear, she should have asked you for a number.. maybe you can call the store and leave your hp or email there for them to type the list and send to you.

    i like the idea of the Library hotel!

    I love reading, all sorts of books. YES, including children’s story books (you read about the recent happy things in my post). i’ve got an addicition to Charlie and Lola’s books! I find them sooo innocent and creative! I get my girls the dvd too! I love the queen’s english and their accent!

  4. Yan Says:


    Finally, I “contribute” a little to your big day 🙂 Yes, the roses are warm and sweet.

    Happy is contagious. I have caught that joy bug by reading your preparations! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yan Says:


    Yes, Rachel is disappointed. But, she is so “sweet” to say that I could buy those books during my next trip, that’s next week 🙂

  6. Yan Says:


    So, reading children’s books is a happy thing. Indeed!

    But, I just could not get this title of Charlie and Lola books right,

    I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato or
    I will never ever eat a Tomato or
    I will not ever never eat a Tomato

    OK, ok, it confuses me 🙂

  7. constance Says:

    hahahah the last one is the correct title…

    my girls sometimes get into the role of Charlie and Lola and starts speaking like that, to my delight!

  8. Yan Says:


    I do not think I can remember that, though in actual fact, I don’t like eating tomato too!

    I will not ever never eat a tomato! Yay, get it right by copying it down!

  9. bp Says:

    My sis and I were dreaming of reading cafes before they came up, and wow, now there’ s a reading library even!

    Hope Rachel will get her “wish-list… may have to draw up a new one! It’s great that she enjoys reading. Reading is also my favourite “low-impact” activity to do with my boys.

  10. bp Says:

    reading hotel i mean!

  11. Yan Says:


    Probably you and yours can check in that hotel for a break one of these days! Thinking of that travelling time, New York is more than a dream away for me 😦

    Ya, Rachel would have to re-do the wish list for mummy to buy tomorrow in Kuching (there is a newly opened MPH there too!) or next week in KL again 🙂

  12. Yan Says:

    bp and all,

    Looking at the pix again. The bookshelf is exactly like the one I used to put in my bedroom, now right in front of me in the study room. Probably, for a half-filled dream, I could re-deco my bedroom to that!

    I could do a seasonal theme of the books by the bedside – some romance, some literature, some politics, some economics, some purely newspaper and magazines…

    Great idea? Ha ha

  13. SAHM Says:

    Oh, I am sure someone at the store should have been able to get in touch with the girl. What a disappointment.
    And , oooh! I like that library hotel. But different reading taste from hubby – so we may need to check into separate rooms, huh?

  14. yan Says:


    Probably one theme for each night so that you don’t have to check into separate rooms! Ha, ha.

    I read that there is a theme for each floor, so even thinking of checking into adjoining rooms is not possible le….

    It’s sure a disappointment for Rachel. But she has kept it cool, sweet girl.

  15. lling Says:

    I am surprise the ‘sweet little girl’ was not professional enough to prepare/leave a note and put it on the counter ready for collection.

  16. Christine Lim Simpson Says:

    What a cool idea. But the room is so relaxing that I may just fall asleep,

    By the way, Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, I will definitely ensure that I have Heather tied to me with a strap or something pretty like ribbon if I need my both hands for other things instead of holding on to her. Don’t think I can go through the trauma of looking for in the crowd again.

    You have a very reader-friendly blog. But I have problem posting comments. I always get the message “You are posting too quickly. Slow down.” I don’t get it. I just type in all the details and message and hit the “submit” button. Anyway … just a feedback for you.

  17. yan Says:


    Some of the days, we tend to be exceptionally kind to people. When I wrote she was one “sweet little girl”, I really meant it. She looks sweet and young, small (in size) and innocent. Probably she is a trainee. My temper did not run short that day! On other day? I may complain all the way to the management. 🙂

  18. yan Says:


    Thank you also for dropping by! Like your blog, and amazed by your book project. Will log on soon to read more!

    Really? You must be a fast thinker and really post too fast! I do not get to experience that. How about others?

  19. bp Says:

    Re: your comments… great idea! At first when I saw the picture for this post, before reading it, I really thought it’s your bedroom!

    New York’s not exactly near here… will have to take a raincheck on this, for quite awhile more… you know why ;p Still, thanks for the info! =)

  20. SAHM Says:

    I always get that comment about me posting too quickly too – but only on blogs that are on wordpress.

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