The space to be myself


We celebrated hubby’s birthday this evening. His birthday falls on 3rd March, that is tomorrow. Because it’s Sunday today, I thought we could enjoy a nice meal with parents not working and the children not schooling. Chris said, “In fact, it’s papa’s birthday today. Remember it’s leap year, we have one extra day in February!” How smart! Like father like son?

Last year, I invited hubby’s sister and family to dinner. I wrote,

The birthday meal has been prepared with the feelings of love, acceptance, security, peace, fellowship, joy, satisfaction, thankfulness, fulfillment and fullness of life!

In 2006, I wrote an engineer story,

One day, Rachel asked, “Daddy, you say you are an engineer, why is it that mummy always repairs the faulty things and fixes the bulbs?” To which the daddy answers, “Engineer instructs, technician fixes.”

To the engineer, thank you for allowing me to experiment with all that’s in life within the engineer’s instructions, giving me significance, giving me the space to grow all these 20 years!

Added on this year in 2008?

While still “engineering” and giving the technician space to grow, thank you, also for respecting the technician’s privacy that carries so much love, trust, respect and honesty!

I have been reminded of this song looking at the picture –

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace.


11 Responses to “The space to be myself”

  1. James Wong Says:

    Our best wishes to your hubby, Yan! May God bless and favor him abundantly!

    James & Roseline

  2. JoMel Says:

    Happy birthday to your hubs. My man’s birthday is just one day earlier, and because he turned 41, I too had 5 candles on the cake. 🙂 These “engineer” and “technician” analogies are just so apt!

  3. doc Says:

    it’s obvious your family has been richly blessed by the Lord!

  4. Yan Says:

    James & Rosaline,

    Thanks for the wishes! God’s blessings to you and family too!


    What a co-incidence! God’s blessings to your mum! But each of my candle stands for 10 years!


    Yes, because of His tender mercies, God’s blessings overflow! You, too, are having many of your encounters being transformed into exciting spiritual adventures! He is faithful!

  5. constance Says:

    hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. love your blog. nice, simple and easy reading. I added your blog on my links.

  6. stay-at-home mum Says:

    Happy birthday to your hubby! May God continue to pour his blessings on your family!!

  7. dobbs Says:

    Birthday wishes to your hubby and God’s richest blessings for the coming year!

  8. Yan Says:


    Thanks for also dropping by. I have also added your blog to my link.


    Thank you so much! God’s blessings be abundant to you and yours too!


    It’s thoughtful of you. Hubby is dating me for a dinner tonight saying Chris and Rachel not welcomed 🙂

    See if there is anything bloggable! 🙂

  9. bp Says:

    A very happy birthday to your husband! God’s richest blessings be his, and your whole family, Yan!

    That engineer-techinician analogy, I couldn’t help but smile, reading what your husband said, and all that you added to give the complete picture! What a great team you are!

    So, how’d your rendezvous go? ;p

  10. One and for all « Yan’s Corner - In Touch Says:

    […] was quite an impulsive decision to celebrate hubby’s birthday a day earlier. When I called my usual bakery shop to order the birthday cake, I said to the owner, […]

  11. Yan Says:

    bp, now I have an assistant technician, the young boy. He has just changed all the bulbs!

    The dinner? Ha, ha. Husband (ok, he does have a name, right?) dated me to a western restaurant. He said it’s a good one. Probably, it was ages ago that he went. We drove there only to find out the restaurant has turned into a bar or singing lounge.

    And he did not have a second place!

    I suggested another place.

    The food is not that fantastic. But the warmth and hospitality of the owners would be remembered! And what’s more, we were the only customers!

    So, that was it – an old fashion kind of dinner for an old-fashion couple!

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