The power of music

Uncle Robert and Auntie Janet sharing with the power of music!

Music heals.
Music energizes.
Music motivates.
Music changes relationships.
Music changes our mind world.
Music soothes troubled hearts.
Music lifts when crisis sets in.

In this election, the politicians have resorted to use “songs/music” to express their sentiments and messages. SUPP has its rap song, “Who Says?” while DAP promises “Change” in its election song called “Just Change”.

Added to that, for the past few nights in SUPP functions, songs were sung to the tears of many.

I believe that many would have focused their hearts on beauty and love when the candidate like uncle Robert shared on the loss of his mother at the age of 5 and missed mother’s love. Many would have given it a thought when he reminded the people not to become “political orphans”. When he and his wife ended with the song on “Mother’s Love”, an atmosphere of expectation, hope and enthusiasm would have been created with the music!

Solomon was a king who used the powerful influence of music.

In 1 Kings 4:32, “His song were a thousand and five.”

In Ecclesiastes 2:8, “I acquired men and women singers, and a harem as well – the delights of the hearts of man.”

And I won’t miss one of my favourite books in the Bible, “The Song of Solomon” which records Solomon’s romance!

Do you have a song in your heart? Today, I have this song from Issiah 55:12 –

For you shall go out in joy and be led back in peace;
the mountains and the hills before you shall burst into song,
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands,”

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