The balloon man


Ten Years ago, I was one of the Sunday School teachers in our Church. My students ranged from 5 to 8 years-young. There was one story in the lessons called “The balloon man”. The story goes like this –

One day the balloon man walked into the park with a hundred balloons.

“Come and get your free balloon!” he said to the children there.

But only two boys and two girls came to get a free balloon. The others thought something was wrong, so they would not do it. Soon the balloon man walked sadly from the park with 96 balloons.

The teaching from the story is that Jesus is like the balloon man. He came to give each of us a life that goes on forever. He offers each of us a room on His beautiful home in heaven. But only a few people accept His wonderful offer.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet a young boy who was in my class during his young days. He shared with me that he had never liked balloons. While other children went to grab the free balloons distributed at supermarkets or parties, he did not ever want to touch one. Why? He shared,

The balloons are so uncertain. You do not know when they will fly away. You do not know when they will burst.

He went on,

Until I heard the story about the balloon man in your class! I know I really do not need to worry about the “what-ifs”. It’s free. It’s just like the free gift given by Jesus.

I always thank God for giving me that opportunity to spend time with the young ones. There is no more rewarding investment to be made!