Making of a good day


I was at Celcom office yesterday to combine my Celcom Broadband (on the go!) to my Streamyx (Home fixed Broadband) which could give a saving of RM40 per month. At the counter, there is a display written,

Let Me Make Your Day

I asked myself, should I depend on someone to “make my day” or should I be proactive in “making my own day good”?

Incidentally, landed in my mailbox today is an article on tips given by Dr Norman Vincent Peale on “The way to a good day”. I think it’s great!

The magic words are THINK, THANK, PLAN, MAKE and PRAY.

Think a good day. We must see it in our mind that our day is good. We are what we think!

Thank a good day. Thank God in advance for a good day ahead. Thinking affirms our way of thinking!

Plan a good day. Well, we all know. Plan, plan, plan!

Make a good day. Make it our business to put good in a day!

Pray a good day. Start and finish our day with God.

These are tips from Norman Vincent Peale.

Add-ons from Yan from some borrowed wisdom –

Throughout our day,
Give God our waking thoughts. Step into His presence before we begin our day.
Give God our waiting thoughts. Try be with God in our silence.
Give God our whispering thoughts. Whisper some brief sentence prayers anywhere, in any setting.
Give God our wanning thoughts! What better place to doze off than in the arms of our Father!


7 Responses to “Making of a good day”

  1. Bkworm Says:

    What a powerful reminder. Thanks for sharing, Yan.

  2. bp Says:

    Thanks for the magic words as well as your own insights! That daily walking in His presence, the whispering of a quick prayer anywhere, anytime, how often I forget in the flurry of activities!

  3. dobbs Says:

    Great tips and thoughts Yan — thanks for sharing.
    Your breakfast looks pretty yummy as well — reminding us to start off the day with a good breakfast!

  4. Yan Says:


    Sama-sama, we all share some of our thoughts and some borrowed wisdom!


    Sometimes, words (blogging it!) become our actions too! I must say, blogging sharpens my mind quite a bit these days. I really do need it badly. Having words of encouragement from friends in the blogging world also add colours!

    Thank you, always, to put in your thoughts here!


    That breakfast was actually served at A’Formasa (Melaka) where we holidaying there last December!

    My breakfast is boring and old-fashion – porridge and some vegetables and eggs! 🙂

  5. stay-at-home mum Says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Yes, its pretty much up to us to make our own day.

  6. doc Says:

    so, is celcom mobile broadband better than streamyx?

  7. Yan Says:


    It’s still difficult sometimes, right?


    It very much depends on “where you are”. For example, in my town, Sibu, I have less coverage area for celcome mobile broadband. In Kuching and KL, I can use it almost everywhere.

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