Wine gladdens life

Today I cooked “Braised shank with Fuzhou red wine”.

Here are all the ingredients you need. I have trimmed all fats from the pork, except for the skin on the shanks that I left. I have also blanched the pork in boiling water to take away the “smell”. The Chinese herbs I used are Yu Zhu, Dang Gui and red dates.


Heat the wok with sesame oil. Saute ginger until fragrant. Then add in the shank and stir fry briefly. Transfer the shank and ginger into stew pot, add in the Chinese herbs and a bottle of Fuzhou red wine and stew for about 90 minutes.

And, there you are!


It really gladdens life!

Bread is made for laughter,
and wine gladdens life,
and money answers everything.
Ecclesiastes 10:19 RSV

That sounds not acceptable, especially on the part of “money answers everything”. However, I once listened to an audio sermon by a pastor who said this way,

Even the legitimate, normal, proper joys of life like the bread which enables us to feast together and the wine which gladdens life, is all made available by money. That is why “Money answers everything.”

However, this pastor cautioned that money supplies everything that is needed; but that money must come from hard and profitable work.

He said that what makes a nation healthy are industrious, hardworking citizens who work very hard.

So, work hard, and have some wine to gladden our life – that’s actually how you can work for a better tomorrow for our next generation and generations to come!

I have just stumbled into this blog about making “Fuzhou red wine“. My late mum used to make it. I think it’s too big a task for me!