Here comes the bride


Almost all the newspapers carried this news today as lead story –

Parliament won’t be dissolved today, says Prime Minister

Including mine, The Borneo Post.

Though it has been widely speculated that the Parliament would be dissolved on February 13th, it still caught us “unprepared” when at 12:30 pm, the Prime Minister announced that the Parliament has been dissolved, paving the way for the 12th general election.

We called back the editors to work and managed to have the first run of Chinese “exclusive” out in the street by 3 pm, and the English “Extra edition” hit the street at 5 pm.

We were caught unprepared!

It is indeed a modern day parallel of the “Parable of the Ten Virgins”. This parable is also very appropriate today because it concerns a wedding. Tomorrow is Valentine Day, Love is in the air!

Ten young girls waiting to join the wedding party. They are expecting the bridegroom and therefore they are waiting expectantly. Five were well-prepared with lamps and spare oil. Five were not and thus the doors shut on them.

I draw a priceless lesson – be prepared and keep watch because we do not know the time of His return.

Some day in May
I’ll come to say
Happy the bride that
The sun shines on today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have also an anniversary to celebrate today – my cyber home is entering its fourth year! (here and here)