“God’s Perfecting”

starched shirt

I have been attending a “high-power” meeting in KL about once every two months for the past six years. I have always amused myself as the “outstanding one” being always the only woman in the meeting, and being the only one who is not “high-power”.

For the past six years, there are change of faces. Members of the board are actually representing the media, universities and government departments. I have actually been through with three terms of different Chairman.

While I remain, there is another journalist who remains too. He is also the “outstanding” one, but among the gentlemen – he is the only one without a lounge suite on. He always wears “black and white”.

I like his white shirts and black trousers – always neat, clean and classy. Two days ago, I was in the same meeting. This time, he wore a “starched-shirt”. I could not see one “crease” on his shirt when he entered the meeting room.

“Oh, you starched your shirt so well,” I bubbled out the words.

He surprised me and all others who were early for the meeting with details on how to starch the shirt, how to iron – from A to Z, from good old days to modern days method.

As he talked and I listened, I visualized his hands moved with impressive deftness and dexterity on the shirts. And lo! a perfectly pressed, starched shirt in front of my eyes!

Is it not a perfecting picture of the workings of God? Is He not starching and ironing our worldly passions and pursuits and constantly perfecting us?

Let Him!


4 Responses to ““God’s Perfecting””

  1. Bengbeng Says:

    This is a beautiful post…touching too. I have just reprimanded my kid for disobedience and suddenly i read this post 🙂


  2. Yan Says:

    Thanks, Bengbeng, for dropping by! Welcome to my cyberhome.

  3. bp Says:

    Yes, let Him, I am learning, the letting go, and letting Him that you always remind me to!

    Thanks Yan, for making connections through everyday events like this, to help us see our Master at work!

  4. Yan Says:

    bp, when we take time, we will be more sensitive to things around us. Recently, I learnt to let go many things!

    Indeed, let Him perfect us!

    Thanks for your encouragement.

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