The Wonders of Christmas

Josh Noel

I have had a stressful week. Just as I thought I need a break, of music, of coffee, of good company, a friend gave me this Christmas album. Christmas? It’s too early. Not really. I am sure Singapore’s Orchard Road has transformed into celestial-like wonder. Even on Sunday, my church has used “O Come O Ye Faithful” as the opening hymn – sending rushes of good cheer and upsurges of exhilaration throughout my body as I sang the hymn.

This album of Josh Gorban has worked perfectly to de-stress me yesterday and today. It reminds me of the institution given by God – family. I have liked the credit given by Josh to his family. He has written,

To my beautiful and loving family: Mom, Dad, Chris, Grandma Evy, Gaga, Sweeney…every note on this album is inspired by the love you’ve shown and what you’ve made Christmas for me these last 26 years.

As I write this, Chris’s UPSR (Primary Six Exam in Malaysia) result is out. He has 6A and 1B, which we give thanks to God. The “B” is for the Chinese comprehension. The less than perfect result is because mum is a little less than perfect. She has some say in his Chinese. Meaning, I coach his Chinese 🙂

Chris said many classmates cried because of that “less than perfect” result. He saw one girl hurted herself by scratching hard on her forearm…to the point of bleeding. My heart sank. I am now working on a “researched” and “interviewed” series of articles on “depression”. And surely this raised much concern!

After UPSR, there is still a long way. It’s Christmas – a time to be reminded of the grim worlds – share love, care and compassion of our Lord Jesus.