Birthday, birthday, birthday

Indulge me, it’s my 7-Eleven birthday today –

Because I need to go travelling today, I had my small birthday party in my office yesterday. A friend sent a cake, so here you are –

Journalists singing Happy Birthday

Again, as I would not be home for birthday today, I had these at home yesterday –

Cake from hubby

Rachel (daughter) baked a chocolate cake for mum

The birthday person has this traditional ‘mee-sua’ with egg and a drumstick

From Christopher and friends.

More in store in Kuching…..

Stay tune.


Dobbs sent me a birthday video of the song “Give Thanks”. What a timely reminder to always give thanks. Many years ago, when my parents in law celebrated their 45th Wedding Anniversary, the children and grandchildren sang this song for them at the Thanksgiving Service. Here is a photo of all of us in stage. In this photo, Chris was a baby, the furthest right carried by me. Rachel, the second from right, the little girl in off-white (while the rest are in pink, she just refuses pink, even today!) and hubby fourth from left.


Yes, Make Give Thanks the birthday song!