Thankful Bills?

Yesterday, I was reminded to be thankful for cleanliness of the toilets at home. That was quite easy. Today, still on thankfulness, I read this article of Guidepost written by Rita M. Reynolds, Batesville, Virginia –

I used to hate the monthly chore of writing checks to pay bills. It still isn’t one of my favorite tasks, but recently I discovered a way to lighten it. While sitting at my desk one day preparing to write a check for the mortgage, I happened to glance out of the window at the distant mountains. How fortunate we are, I thought, to have a home with this beautiful view of God’s handiwork.
“Thank you,” I wrote on the bottom of the check and said a short prayer of gratitude.
On each subsequent check I expressed appreciation to the company or individual providing services, and to God for making it all possible: fuel for our homes; food to nourish us; churches, teachers and books to inspire us; electricity to lighten dark corners; telephones and cars to connect our friendships.

Always there is something to be thankful for—sometimes even bills!

Oh no, writing a cheque to pay the tax and be thankful for the tax? Lord, it’s difficult!