“Toilet of Eternal Flush”

Few years ago, we went on a family trip to Beijing. Before going there, we heard of many horror stories of the dirty toilets in China. Naturally, when we went there, we expected quatting in a dark smelly toilet holding on our breath for as long as we could hold.

Rachel and Christopher would visit the toilet first and reported to us as to how many stars – from five stars to no stars – the toilets should be classed.

After the Beijing visit, whenever we plan family holidays with the mention of China, Rachel and Christopher would protest – yakee, the dirty toilets, no way!

Yesterday, I read an article by a Dr Tan Lai Yong in Impact magazine titled ‘Bowel Power”. Dr Lai teaches in a medical college in the greater Mekong region. He writes,

One of the most unpleasant experiences of working in the villages of developing countries is the mesy and smelly toilets.

He continues,

For city folk like me, the beauty of a starry sky without any distracting street lamps is a wonder to behold. However, the thoughts of squatting in a dark smelly toilet is a very strong deterent and I flounder in my determination when I think of more days in a village.

Dr Tan invites us, as Christians, the next time we go into the toilets in the comfort and cleanliness of our own home, to do three things:

  • Be Thankful.
  • Pray for a missionary that we know, who for the sake of the gospel will have to endure a dirty toilet.
  • Pray for the many impoverished communities and children who have no decent sanitation.

He ends with this,

Remember – the earth is the Lord’s.

Today, I share this article with my two children, and I know they shall appreciate the comfort and cleanliness of toilets at home more than ever before!


4 Responses to ““Toilet of Eternal Flush””

  1. JOEPSC Says:

    Hi, Yan,

    We should count our blessings and be happy. Some of us lived through that period of time when our sanitary system was like those in lesser developed regions. Some people even had to squat in a bush!

  2. Yasser Says:

    It is not only in China.

    I’m sure if you were to visit Saudi Arabia you would be glad to have such nice toilets in China!

    In fact, the public ones here are bad. But in malls and centres are generally good.

    But don’t remind me by my high school, there were very painful toilets!!

  3. Yan Says:


    Well, I have been through that! I can identify with that feelings. Thanks for the reminder – couting our blessings and be thankful!


  4. Yan Says:


    Painful toilets? What a description!


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