Parallels With Life

I have a little book titled, Looking at Creation, God’s Other Book by Dr. Lee Bee Teik. In the introduction, Dr Lee wrote,

The tenderness of His voice and the warmth of His compassion thus received through His creation around us were too precious to keep to ourselves.

Dr Lee shared that she had the opportunity to hear Him in quietness for about five days at a retreat centre in Port Dickson, Malaysia. Thus, she shared in the book the pains and joys of listening to Him anew with the hope that the readers would be rejuvenated by some rewatering of their roots and to reflect His presence and nature!

In one topic about haze, Dr Lee wrote,

As I prolonged despondently on the bad effects of the stubborn haze, certain parallels with life began to emerge:

Unforgiven sins cloud our lives like the haze that hangs over the Klang Valley.

Resentment is like the mucus in the chest that threatens to choke a person suffering from the effects of the dust particles in the haze.

Distorted perspectives of the true God and His creation are like the pollutants that sting our eyes.

Perfectionism is like our skin reacting to the pollutants in the haze, giving rise to the outward rashes of irritability due to the rejection of others and self.

For the past few days, I have been extremely unwell because of the haze. I belong to the sensitive group – itchy, teary eyes; dry, sore throat; sensitive, runny nose; that choking feeling and even rashes on my skin.

What timely reminders!


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  1. JOEPSC Says:

    God’s other creation does not include a terrible haze made of man – more so of lazy man ruled by greed and convenience, who pursues his benefits at the expense of his neighbours. I am referring to those land owners (big corporations) who started the burning each and every year, instead of the proper method of land clearing which is more costly to their pockets; and who are most likely favoured to do so by well-paid relevant authorities blinded in the eyes by money, not haze.

    I too belong to the very sensitive group of people. I am getting fever and heart palpitation; normal dust on the roads will give me hives and cause runny nose. I am bewildered as to why the hugh throng of people who normally protest vehemently on the streets of Jakarta, over other smaller issues, are not doing that now, when haze can cause death ??!!??

  2. doc Says:

    it’s obvious that dr lee has demonstrated rare insight into the issue of the haze. i shall never look at haze in the same light again.

  3. Yan Says:


    Hope you are getting better as the ocndition improves. I was there in Sing-Land last Friday – hey, it was a lot better than my place here.

    We have been talking for years – not easy, huh?


  4. Yan Says:



    Dr Lee has indeed insights that probe. By the way, she was also a medical doctor, but now a homemaker and full-time God’s worker. She has lively sense of humour, a questioning mind and her love for God is just real in every sense!

    Praise the Lord for such a sister who probes so that our perceptions change forever!


  5. n segaren Says:

    Wonderful insight bee teik

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