All the Builders’ Tools are Silent

I have been inspired by the thoughts on life written by Former Florida Senator John Grant for the past one year sent to my mail box.

In one of the thoughts, John Grant told of a factory making clothing. He starts with,

The marketplace is empty, No more traffic in the streets, All the builders’ tools are silent, No more time to harvest wheat; Busy housewives cease their labors, In the courtroom no debate, Work on earth is all suspended As the King comes thro’ the gate.

John Grant relates that Elaina’s factory was clean, calm and orderly. The workers were plite and their faces projected a glowing smile. Elaina is a committed Christian. She shares her faith. She treats her workers well. She is also intertested in maximizing her profit.

John Grant says, she has found a way to do all three.

How does she do that?

For fifteen minute each work day and for a full hour one day of each week, the sewing machines are silenced and the cutting tables idle, as all the workers gather for a time of worship, praise and receiving instruction and inspiration from the Word of God.

I like this beautiful scene.

How about one day, all my journalists stop tapping on the computer keyboards, they stop all press functions outside, and all gather to receive instruction and inspiration from God?

John Grant was invited to share a short devotion. He describes,

As I stood behind the microphone and looked out over the audience, out of one eye I saw attentive faces ready to grasp each and every word and out of the other eye, I saw rows of silent machinery.

He goes on further,

Suddenly the lyrics of that popular Christian song, The King is Coming came to mind, especially the line about all the builders tools being silent. I thought of Psalm 46, “Be still and know that I am God.” You could have heard a pin drop. People were reverent, machines were silent and they were ready to have church, and Elaina was sitting right there on the front row with her workers.