What are your memories made up of?



I remember as a child, in the silence of the night, waiting for the first durian to drop….

Recently, I started a new column in my newspaper called “Pass It On”. “Pass It On” featured Malaysians (especially those from Sarawak and Sabah) living abroad making a difference in the community they live in. I have the privilege of meeting some very inspiring persons enjoying fullness of life living with fond memories of their days in Sarawak.

Here are some of their memories –

A Doctor, A Professor, A Researcher remembers,

It was a good place to grow up. It was a place where everyone seems to know everyone else. But in reality, it was of course a very small circle revolving around church and school and my father’s colleagues and our neighbours.

It was not until I was in Form Two that my father grudgingly bought our first TV. The coming of the TV to the living room then had certainly appeared to be a little late, but on reflection, it was in fact a blessing in disguise because without the TV there was little or no distraction. I read a lot as a child. Reading opened my mind to a wide world of imagination.

I fondly remember my Wings on Wheels. That was the bicycle I owned when I was in Form One. With the Wings on Wheels, I spent every afternoon in School.

My life revolved around the 1xth Kuching Scout Troop also known as St. Joseph’s Scout troop. Eagle patrol, and black and green were our colours. I still keep photos of this period in my life.

Scouts provided a world viewed through lens of imagination, altruism and idealism… And a never-say-die attitude.. Together they served me well in later life.

I dabbled in many other things, had a good time and became a master of none. Reading and scouting remain my true loves.

Another doctor specializing in infectious diseases remembers,

I remember Sarawak as a very relaxing place, with no city bustles, and very quiet with little tension. I love the food, the Kuching Laksa and Kuching Kuay-Teow.

We grew up with that kind of food. When my brothers and I heard the mention of “bungkus” (Malay for ‘take-away”), we knew dad would be coming home with “Kuay-Teow” wrapped in transparent paper and newspaper. The aroma was just irresistible.

Still, another surgeon remembers,

I had a great time growing up in Kuching in those days and was a lad-back place with a relatively slow pace of life. It was also safe. Although our parents were not well off, we led a comfortable life.

I remember science lessons in the field, catching frogs, toads, looking at the anatomy of flowers and lwaves, sawing wood during woodwork to make stilts and attempting to walk on them, several performances int he school as well as a couple of public concerts, learning to dance with one of the teachers as there were fewer girls than boys, school trips to the Kuching Port, Fort Magherita and other places that I now can’t recall.

Another inspiring cardiothoracic surgeon remembers,

School was very enjoyable. I still remember the teacher, especially the principal of my Primary school, Mr Chai Chin Thu. He was a very strict disciplinarian. Yet, he ws a very inspiring educationalist.

I was a Cub, which is what the junior Section of the Scouts is called. I remember the time when I had to climb trees. I was too fat and was not able to cling to the lowest branches even for a while. So, I left the Cub and went into Red Crescent!

We are building up memories everyday. There’s really so much more in life! The beautiful music of living is composed, practiced, and perfected in the harmony of home, school, social life, workplace …

The apostle Paul tells us in Romans 8:32 and 1 Timothy 6:17 that our God “richly supplies us with all things to enjoy.”