Peanut Delite, Travelling Woes

When Sarawakian Idris Jala was picked as Malaysia Airlines (MAS) new Managing Director, I was among the first to say “Yeah! Sarawakian picked to head MAS”. Yes, that was the title of my blog article on 9th September, 2005.

Today, one year later, I am writing peanut stories.

The pack of peanuts tells all the M (M for MAS not for monkey) stories..

It costs RM100 or more. The ticket from Sibu/Kuching/Sibu costs a 100 RM more (RM means Remember Mas).

I love peanuts, roasted, fried, cooked anything. And MAS has been known to have the best salted peanuts. Peanuts are not given freely in the flight. But, you can ask for it. And usually it’s given. Even being a peanut lover, I have not for one time asked from the beautiful ladies and gentlemen, for one reason I do not wish to trouble them, for another reason I am a weight-watcher. Usually the vanity beats the crave! I am not quite short of MAS peanuts because whenever my significant other travels on first or business class, he would take one pack of peanuts to please me.

Now, after the increase of fare, those beautiful ladies and gentlemen put the peanuts on the tray and offer to passengers.

So, I think, it’s the price I pay – Remember Mas 100!

Look at this pack of peanut, look again, I re-post the pack with a leafy background, the first one goes with my coffee mug. It’s a 100 RM shoot –

It does give some hope, and environmental-friendly, right?

But, it does not give much hope to travellers. It hurts my pocket. It also erodes into my time. Before 1st August, I could board a 7:25 am flight to Kuching, if I have a morning meeting, I could board a flight at 12:30, 2:50 pm or 5:30 pm back to Sibu. Now, if I could not make it at 12:20 flight, I have to leave Kuching at 8:50 pm.

And any change of flight, I have to pay RM – depending on what type of tickets I have purchased.

Travelling to KL? The morning direct flight has been scheduled to 1:40 pm. I used to board 9 am flight reaching KL at noon, and I could start work right in the afternoon. Now, the morning flight means to travel at 7:25 with one stop in Kuching and then to KL.

The peanut jokes between my group of business travellers are –

Joke No. 1 – We have been using emails for more than a decade, now we have to switch to use Fax (Fly Asian Express)

Joke No. 2 – Soon we have to board a bus to Kuching International Airport for our onwards journey to KL and other destinations.

Thanks for the peanuts delight, our very own Idris Jala.