At Wit’s End

My good friend, Hie Ming called up early yesterday morning asking me the meaning of “at wit’s end”. She is Chinese-educated. And I am always her “living dictionary”.

Incidentally, my reading of the Bible today is Psalm 107. There is a wonderful verse –

“At their wit’s end they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he bringeth them out…”

Here is one poem (author unknown)written based on this beautiful verse –

Are you standing at Wit’s End Corner,
Christian, with troubled brow?
Are you thinking of what is before you
And all you are bearing now?
Does all the world seem against you
And you in the battle alone?
Remember — at Wit’s End Corner
Is just where God’s power is shown.

Are you standing at Wit’s End Corner,
Your work before you spread
All lying begun, unfinished
And pressing on heart and head
Longing for strength to do it,
Stretching out trembling hands?
Remember — at Wit’s End Corner
The Burden-Bearer stands.

Are you standing at Wit’s End Corner?
Then you’re just in the very spot
To learn the wondrous resources
Of him who faileth not;
No doubt to a brighter pathway
Your footsteps will soon be moved
But only at Wit’s End Corner
Is the “God who is able” proved.

Are you at Wit’s End Corner? When the pressure is so great – you know you still have God who is able.

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