I clipped this paragraph from a Christian magazine:

We pick up our newspaper and read about a three-year-old boy who is whipped with a belt for three hours because he wet his pants. We read about his cries and pleadings as his little body squirms under the foot of his stepfather. We read about this beating, which is his last in a year long series of frequent beatings; his last because he died in his bed a half hour later. We read about how the boy’s body is found months later, buried in a creek, with a tiny cross clutched in his hands. We read about this brutal murder of a defenseless child, and we feel sick.

Then we turn to the financial section and read about how the economy is improving. We turn to the entertainment section and look for an interesting movie to go to. We turn to the sports section and read about last night’s game. Soon the sickness leaves us. We forget about the little boy, and forget that indifference makes us accomplices.

This morning, I picked up my Chinese newspaper. I read about the social problems. I read about the local news, national news, international news, business news, entertainment news …..

Finally, I was caught by quite a prominent advertisement, “Acknowledgement of thanks”. One son, three daughters and many grandchildren put up a notice in the newspaper thanking relatives, friends, business associates, community leaders, and political leaders for assistances rendered to them during the funeral service of their father/grandfather. The advertisement starts with this –

Our beloved father/grandfather passed away peacefully at xxx Old Folks Home at the age of 73 ….

Er… at the Old Folks’ Home? Beloved? Appreciating those who have helped in the funeral service?

I wish I can forget that old man who spent his last days in the Old Folks Home and passed away peacefully there and yet not an accomplice.

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