Grand Perhaps

Just when I’m safest
There’s a sunset touch,
A fancy from a flower bell, someone’s death,
A chorus ending from Euripides,
And that’s enough for fifty hopes and fears;
The Grand Perhaps.

This is a poem by Robert Brownings. There was a young journalist who decided to put aside all the things he has been taught about God. He was going to run his life without God. He worked out his philosophies and none of them include God. Robert Browning put it in this poem.

When we think we have got everything taken care of. We plan our life to exclude God. Something happens to intrude.

We see a sunset. It reminds us of the ending of life.

We see the beauty of a flower. We know it’s going to wither soon.

Someone dies, we are faced with the issue of life and death.

And all that tugs at our heart and grabs at our soul. We just can’t escape them. The Grand Perhaps that is God, always waiting to step out in beautiful scenes, relationships, death, you just can’t escape Him.

P/S My appreciation of poems is very limited. Perhaps, MGFs here, like Desi could add in your thoughts…