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I like a Louis Vuitton handbag very much. I have been talking to my sister over the years that I like the LV handbag carried by a doctor’s wife. My sister, being a collector of LV, Prada handbags told me that handbag costs over 1,000 Singapore dollars. The price puts me off.

However, I have not stopped liking that handbag. Owning one is not a must. And buying a counterfeit LV, Coach, Prada, have never crossed my mind.

The Los Angeles Times reported –

While the savvy bargain hunter can tell the real Coach handbag from a fake, many discerning buyers are missing one critical detail – that purse or DVD for sale on the street corner might be funding a terrorist organization.

Lt John Stedman of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was among those who testified that items such counterfeit Coach and Louis Vuitton purses as well as CDs, DVDs, and tobacco were among goods that have been seized and linked to terrorist organizations.

The California law enforcement agency said it established a connection between the street vendors and the Lebanon-based Hazbollah mostly through admission by those arrested.

If you think of buying a fake LV handbag, be sure that the money you paid does not go to assist terrorist organization.

Today’s posting was actually written last Saturday (29th May) at KLIA while waiting for the transport to go to Malacca. Reaching Malacca, I shut myself out of the world while still enjoying the fellowship of 100 over women/girls from all corners of Malaysia in a Girls’ Brigade National Officers’ Retreat.


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  1. Charlene Says:

    Go and check this girl out See how she shops and how she simply bought that S$1,400.00 Tod’s bag … =)

    Got here from SPG’s blog. i might visit here again and again. =)

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