Forgetting the lyrics

One fine morning last week, I was playing Emi Fujita’s Camomile Blend in the car. Her sweet and soothing voice sang “First of May” very differently. My 9-year old son was in the car. Just as I was about to drop him off at his school’s gate, Emi ended her “First of May” with her “when I was small, and Christmas trees were tall, do…do….do….do…”. My son remarked, “I know why she has to sing do…do…do…, I suspect she has forgotten the lyrics”.

Two and half month ago, I strolled down Bintang Walk in KL, I walked into one of the music store. I heard a clear, sweet sound. I asked the sales assistant what CD she was playing. She handed me this CD, Camomile Blend Emi Fujita. I bought the CD and the other one Camomile Extra also from Emi Fujita.

For the past two and half months, I have been listening to this sweet voice and have not got tired of it. She sang many of the old songs like Moon River, Wishes (le couple ver.) & Red is the Rose beautifully.

Camomile is the result of a collaboration between Japanese vocalist Emi Fujita and Norwegian musicians Rita Eriksen and the band VAMP (Oyvind Staveland, Tobjorn Okland and Carl Apeland). The album has a total of 14 tracks, ranging from traditional Irish ballads to contemporary pop tunes.

Get one and listen – with a good book and a cup of hot coffee. It’s definitely a good way to de-stress yourself from a hard day work. Even if you forgotten the lyrics, you can do so with “do…do…do…” Who cares?


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I was cleaning my room when I heard this sweet voice was singing on TV. Not knowing the singer I rushed to the hall because that song was once dedicated by my old flame in 1997. I always want to know the singer because her voice is not only soothing but also making me cry. Though I don’t really know the meaning of the lyric, but that nostalgic song plus emi’s voice are giving me extremely powerful impact to my life. Now, as I know the singer I hope I can find emi’s camomile blend and enjoy it whenever I need it. may be u can try to listen to “hadamori no uta” too. enjoy and feel it.

  2. Yan Says:

    Thanks, dear friend. I saw camomile blend at Mid Valley’s MPH last week.

    Try that. Need any help? You can always send me an email.


  3. eDc Says:

    Hi, I first heard Emi Fujita’s Fields of Gold one time when I was having dinner with a friend. I was mesmerized by her rendition considering that it is one of my favorite songs in the whole world! After hearing it, I took the liberty of asking the people working in that restaurant the title of the CD and of course the name of the singer. Too bad it was only a compilation and there isn’t any CD of Emi Fujita available in my country. Is it too much to ask for a copy? I’m based btw, in the Philippines.

  4. Yan Says:


    Thanks for droppingby. I wrote you an email on your request. No, it’s not too much.

    Hear from you.


  5. shu Says:


    I have a friend who recently sent me some of the songs on both CDs Camomile and Camomile Blend. I like wide awake , wishes, and today alot. Is it possible for you to send me the lyrics at Thanks!

  6. leecs Says:

    i first heard her voice at popular bookstore around year 2003. i was like you that ask the sales assistant on the album and bought one.

    then look for her other album too.

    I just now was suppose to get her Classic. But some how found another album released 2005 – “Rembrandt Sky” and bought it at Popular BookStore@Leisure Mall, Cheras

    Still want to look for the ‘Classic’ which released on 10th Oct 2006.

  7. Vincent Says:

    wow…I haven’t know about Camomile things yet. But, I know another project that she was doing the group called Le Couple, emi fujita with her husband

  8. ar Says:

    i am not japanese but just last year i came across emi fujita because i heard her beautiful cover of fields of gold originally from sting. i ordered her cds directly from japan, i just can’t get enough of her.

  9. Walden Yeow Says:

    I like her voice it’s very soothing. She has a very wonderful voice. I actually have this Camomile Plus album and it is, indeed, a good one!

    From Manila, Philippines

  10. rafshan Says:

    2002, i was in my school coir, and my japananese language teacher asked us to sing Hidamari no Uta (Japanese ver. of Wishes). the best song i’ve ever heard!!!
    that time, her album were not in the malaysia’s store yet. my teacher got her album when he was studying in japan.

    it was really hard for me to find her cd, but now, i think i have all of her albums=)

    seriously, when i listen to her song, sometimes it makes me cry

  11. semplon Says:

    hahaaha… your son was so funny… 😀 i like that too… first of may, than field of gold, than all of it… 😀

  12. semplon Says:

    hehehe than or then ??? i confuse, saya bingung tapi saya suka emi fujita… 😀

  13. Alan Teoh Says:


    I just got to hear the album Camomile from a girlfriend recently and GUESS what?! I feel at peace and calmness amidst a stressful life! I too feel like shading a tear each time I hear Wide Awake, Field of Gold and 願いの歌(wishes).

    Alan Teoh

  14. Yan Says:

    Hi, Alan,

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Yes, her voice is sweet and really calming. I thought she held a show in Singapore!

    Try Camomile Classic which is equally nice.


  15. ratna Says:

    me and my husband love emi fujita very much. especially Song of love, Sofa and Umi no Soko de Utau Uta

  16. Olland Says:

    I like Emi Fujita’s sound when she sang First of May. Very different with the bee gees… I proude about her

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