Blessings – from happiness to greater happiness

I was driving from my house to a factory to pick up some printed matter. It was a 20-minute drive to the end of one of the main roads in Sibu called Lanang Road.

My 9-year old son was with me. We enjoyed the drive.

(Conversation 1)

“Mummy, I know how to make the teeth sparkle, shine and whitish.”

“Oh, how?”

“You mix a little Colgate with a little of Darlie and use it to brush your teeth. Then it is clean, shinny and sparklingly white like mine. See?”

“Really, that’s very smart of you.”

“I am going to invent one type of tooth past called Coda.”

Coda, why?”

Co as in Colgate. Da as in Darlie.”

(Conversation 2)

“Mummy, with you, it is like heaven.”

“Thank you, dear.”

“The song by Guang Liang said so. He must be referring to his girl friend. But, I think with mummy, it is like heaven.”

(Scene/Conversation 3)

In front, a truck blows a tire and careens across two lanes of traffic. One car is headed toward the truck. It looks like a terrible clash is not avoidable. But the car comes to a stop just in time.

Two hearts pounding while witnessing the scene.

“What a luck!”

“What a blessing, mummy.”

Yes, what a blessing. A blessing brings happiness, and greater happiness if you know the meaning.

“To feel lucky” is to say “In good and bad feelings, I have been getting more than my share of good feelings.”

“To feel blessed” is to wonder “How is this God-sent happiness going to lead me and those around me to greater happiness?”

Put it this way, when you say “grace” before a meal, first, you acknowledge that the food comes from God. You thank God for the blessing. Second, you ask God’s purposes for the food – your nourishment, your enjoyment to be fulfilled. The essence of the grace is – “Take this food that you have given me, and use it to do your work.” Ultimately, it is your good and God’s glory. It’s blessings in your life and overflow into the lives of those around you.

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