The spider’s web

The preacher for my Sunday Worship Service told this story in her sermon “Look Upon God” this morning –

The story is told of a King and his followers who when fleeing from their pursuers took refuge in a cave.

Just after they entered, a spider spun a web across the opening.

The pursuers coming along glanced toward the cave but, noticing the spider’s web across the opening, decided no one had entered there, so marched on.

After they had passed out of sight the King and his men came out.

When he saw the spider’s web the King said,

With God a spider’s web is an army.
Without God an army is but a spider’s web.

Yan’s thoughts:-

The hope of many people may be hinged upon that little spider’s web. Each one of us may be that little spider’s web upon which rests the destiny of someone’s hope.

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