Knitting our hearts together

Yesterday evening as I drove back home from airport, I saw this beautiful scene –

A flock of birds flying in a V formation in the sky of Sibu

I did not have a camera with me. Back home, I searched on the net for a picture that shows such beautiful scene. To my disappointment, the google search on images did not give me the same beautiful picture.

When can I catch a glimpse of such beauty of bearing each other’s burden again? My children said – mummy, you can see that in your relationship, you do not need a picture to remind you of such beauty.

Yes, it’s in my own heart.

Have you every wondered why birds fly in a V formation? It’s their way of bearing one another’s burdens. Each bird faces less wind resistance. With less wind resistance, they will enjoy a smoother flight. Ever running against a strong wind? You will understand better if you do. This is bearing each other’s burden.

However, the lead bird out on the point of the V is doing a lot of work, isn’t it? How could it take the full brunt of the wind resistance while everybody else has it easy? What’s more amazing is, the lead bird will take a rest when it gets tired. It will get back to the formation, and another bird will take the shift as flock leader. That’s shared task.

The lead bird also leads the way for the bird that’s next in line. That’s keeping each other company also.

As we walk through the life’s journey, do we have friends who share our burden like the birds in the V formation? Do we have friends who let us take a rest when we are tired? Do we have friends who lead us when we are in doubt, yet providing warm company?

Well, that just doesn’t happen. My good friend, Sandra always says that we have to be intentional about it. Plan a time of fellowship together. Share a meal together. Share your concerns. Share your joys. Share your hopes. Share your dreams. Enjoy one another. As you do so, the deep meaning of V formation is formed in your heart – and God will knit your hearts together.

C. W. Lewis said this –

True friends don’t spend time gazing into each other’s eyes. They may show great tenderness towards each other, but they face in the same direction – towards common projects, goals – above all, towards a common Lord.

Today’s posting is specially for –

My best friend, Sandra for her inspirations in many things in my life over the past 20 years or so, who has always been intentional about our fellowship together. Thank you for the chatting till 3 am the other night! You really have to be intentional about it!

And also to my new friends, CK, PK and YL for their inspirations in my life in their special ways.

13/5/2005 – a dear friend sent me this picture. Not as beautiful as what I have seen in the sky of Sibu – first love is always the deepest?